We receive the certified woods from our branch manufacturing facilities, where we manufacture the wood veneers, and then they are transported to our Iturbe main facility.

Upon reception in the facility, moisture content of the wood veneer is measured, and the quality control of each wood veneer is carried out, a process in which the first classification of the wood veneer takes place, separating from the group the ones with any defect. Later the approved wood veneer goes to the gluing, and further to pressing at high temperature and as a result we get the plywood.  Once again, the plywood goes under a strict quality control where: lamination, adhesion, resistance and others tests are performed. Once the plywood is approved, is cut to the required sizes, becoming floors.

Finally, the hardwood plywood floors are completed and go through the tongue and groove on each edge of the pieces creating a piece of wood floor which before its release to the market, goes again through another quality control.